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Is LGT Fake News?

I recently read what was surely a well-intended, yet actually misguided article titled, "Good News or Fake News," published in the Connection magazine, Fall 2018 issue. The writer opined that theological controversy is an indicator of unhealthy church and controlling leaders (p. 3). He then claims that Satan has caused a false gospel to enter the church, which he identifies as Last Generation Theology (LGT).



Humanity and Divinity Combined

Presented March 23, 2019 at Sacramento, Central SDA Church CA USA by Pr Larry Kirkpatrick



Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions

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Overcoming with Jesus #2: Because He Will

Today a look at the second of three occasions where Jesus is tempted in the wilderness, to gather insights from Jesus' victory over these temptations.

Looking at the Second Temptation

Consider the sequence of the second temptation (Matthew 4:5-7):