Larry Kirkpatrick

A Positive Place on the Web for the Third Angel's Message

In years past has been a 501c3 ministry. That entailed considerable record keeping and filling out government forms, and we were led to discontinue the ministry in that formalized mode. All those assets have gone over to Philippians Two Five Publishing, which has better distribution channels than GCO ever did.

NOTE: The work for which the Church employs me is pastoral ministry. All other activities are strictly secondary and must be accomplished in my personal time.

While is no longer a non-profit corporation, I am operating the website as I did before it was made a formalized ministry, as a personal ministry. Surprise: it still costs us something to keep the site on the internet.


I will be maintaining here a public running total of costs to operate this site along with the amounts of donations received.

My cost for the a year's worth of webhosting + domain name registration is about $9.00 a month. If just 12 people are impressed to provide funding for a month, the blessing can be added to many others.

Current Project: Video Capability

About $1900 will pay for a serious Lenovo T580 portable video studio which is a much better option than the previous plan to do Apple products. The same model at $1400 will still give lots of RAM and all that is essential. Another model is Lenovo P50 with a few specific upgrades like added RAM, which also can be had for aroud $1900.

We recommend that members of the Seventh-day Adventist church be faithful in tithes and offerings through your local church. We do not solicit or knowingly accept tithe.

If you would like to make a free will offering to, make all checks payable to Larry Kirkpatrick or send any products ordered to:

Larry Kirkpatrick
36916 N Grove Rd
Deer Park, WA 99006

Again, GCO is not a non-profit ministry, your gifts are taxable and there will be no receipts.

If you order an item to send me as a gift to use as I've described, send a message so that I can remove the item from the list.