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Sermons and Papers

Sermons and Papers: All Years Listing


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Below are several Seventh-day Adventist sermons and papers that you may find of interest.

Date Title and Link Topic and Text Description
11 May 2000 Eden to Eden Restoration Seven ideals from Eden past carry us into Eden future. Insights into the delay of teh second coming of Christ Sermon Kenneth Jorgenson
6 May 2000 Adventists Winning Mormons #2: Differing Visions Contemporary Prophecy
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21
A comparison of Ellen G. White's first vision and Joseph Smith's first vision reveals a great deal about how Adventists and Mormons think, and helps us better know how to reach Mormons with the third angel's message. Sermon Larry Kirkpatrick
27 Apr 2000 Adventists Winning Mormons #1: Giving an Answer Evangelizing LDS
1 Peter 3:16
Seventh-day Adventists, in spite of having the power of truth behind us, have never experienced strong success in winning Mormons to our faith (incidentally, neither has any other religious group). This sermon begins the exploration of a different approach. Sermon Larry Kirkpatrick
20 Apr 2000 Real Grace for Real People Grace
Titus 2:11-14
Special Outreach Message. Get a handle on what the Scriptures teach about true grace. Sermon Larry Kirkpatrick
13 Apr 2000 Great Flying Leaps, pt. 1
Great Flying Leaps, pt. 2
Women's Ordination Adventists Affirm's new book in response to the Seminary's unfortunate pro-women's ordination book contains a chapter by yours truly. The use of the writings of Ellen G. White in Women in Ministry suggests wishful thinking rather than sound scholarship. Paper Larry Kirkpatrick
13 Apr 2000 Jesus: The Unesteemed Nature of Christ
Isaiah 53:3
Why was He despised and rejected of men? Sermon Larry Kirkpatrick
6 Apr 2000 Four Legitimate Hungers Letter Core Adventism Must reading for anyone wishing to come to grips with the tensions present today within the Seventh-day Adventist Church Paper C. Mervyn Maxwell
30 Mar 2000 Is Obedience a Condition of Salvation? Salvation Answering Marvin Moore's April 2000 Signs editorial. Paper Larry Kirkpatrick
Repost B.R.I. Spiritual Warfare Paper Charismatic Movement
Paper published by the Biblical research Institute on Spiritual Warfare Paper
Repost He Speaks Your Language End Time Deceptions
The devil use using our language against us to change our teachings. Don't let it happen to you! Sermon Richard O'Ffill
Repost Is There a Madness to Our Method? Music and worship
Can we use just any method to present the truth about Jesus? Sermon Richard O'Ffill
18 Mar 2000 Modern Revivals #1: True Revivals Revival and Reformation
Romans 6:4
We want a true revival and reformation, so let's consider inspired testimony that will help us to have one. Read Great Controversy, pp. 461-463. Pulpit-led study LK Graphics
11 Mar 2000 The Lord's Prayer for Lamb-Followers, Part 2 Practical Christianity
Matthew 6:11-13
The Lord's prayer makes the spiritual the most transcendant need. Is it that way in your life?Sermon LK
2 Mar 2000 The False Measuring-Stick Values
Exodus 2:11-15
How often do we run our lives based on a false measuring-stick provided by Satan? How can we facilitate God's restoration of His true value system in our minds? Sermon LK
26 Feb 2000 Elijah Times Three Covenant Community and Baptism
Acts 2:36-40
Step out into new life and in to family and meaning. Jesus is waiting for you. Sermon LK
17 Feb 2000 Jesus: The Root Nature of Christ
Isaiah 53:2
Jesus came as a Root out of dry ground. What does this mean to us? Sermon LK
4 Feb 2000 Esther for the Endtimes #5: Standing For Life Prophecy
Esther ch. 8-10
End-time parallels between the book of Revelation and the closing chapters of the book of Esther. Sermon LK
29 Jan 2000 The Lord's Prayer for Lamb-Followers, Part 1 Practical Godliness
Mt 6:5-15
A radical prayer for end-time people. Sermon LK
22 Jan 2000 Jesus: First Need and Last Hope Communion
Isaiah 53:1
Jesus is our first need and last hope. Sermon LK
Repost Setting the Stage Worship Issues What about the use of drama in worship? Sermon Richard O'Ffill
15 Jan 2000 Esther for the Endtimes #4: Haman's Gallows Prophecy
Esther 5:11-14
Satan's false salvation is a gallows rather than a cross. Sermon LK
1 Jan 2000 Why 2 K? Delayed Second coming
2 Peter 3:9-12
Why are we still here? Sermon LK
25 Dec 1999 The Millennium in Review Prophecy
Revelation 13:11-12
An overhead view of the last 1000 years. Sermon LK
18 Dec 1999 Esther for the Endtimes #3: Redeeming the Time Prophecy
Esther 4:14
Are You the Final Generation? Sermon LK
11 Dec 1999 Who's Adding to God's Word? Bible and Cults
Deuteronomy 4:2; Revelation 22:17-19
Those Who Refuse to Hear God's Word Through His Prophets Are Adding to It. Sermon LK
4 Dec 1999 Esther for the Endtimes #2: Intercessor Prophecy
Esther 5:1-3
Esther symbolizes Jesus our Intercessor. Sermon LK
Repost What is a Seventh-day Adventist? Core Adventism Moving beyond the white picket fence to the core. Sermon Dennis Priebe
Repost Are All Men Condemned at Birth? Sin
Romans 5:18
We get something from both Adam's. Sermon Dennis Priebe
20 Nov 1999 Walking With God Practical Christianity
Genesis 5:22-24
Independence or dependence? Sermon Pamela Kirkpatrick
27 Nov 1999 Dead Or Alive Baptism
Romans 6:11
As soon as there was sin, there was a Savior. Sermon LK
5 March 1997 Using Ellen White's Writings from the Pulpit? Ellen White
PK 626
An analysis of Ellen White's statement in Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 626. Paper LK
Repost Stop the Music Worship Issues It's not a revival--it's a misguided revolution. Sermon Richard O'Ffill
20 Nov 1999 Esther for the Endtimes #1: Queen of Grace Prophecy
Esther chs. 1 & 2
Beginning a five-part sermon series on teh parallels between the book of Esther and Revelation 13 Sermon LK
6 Nov 1999 eMkciK Psychological Deceptions
1 John 3:20
Biblically reversing Satan's propaganda about you. Sermon LK
23 Oct 1999 Built Together Unity
Eph 2:18-22
We all become one in Christ. Sermon LK
16 Oct 1999 Untying God's Hands Self Examination
Psalm 78:40-43
Clearing obstructions that prevent God's working through us. Sermon LK
9 Oct 1999 Search Me, O God Prayer and Self-Examination
Psalm 139
Prayerful self-examination for character perfection. Sermon LK Graphics
1 Oct 1999 Clean Gospel
1 John 1:9
Can Jesus cleanse us from sin now in this life? Sermon LK
25 Sept 1999 Turning On the Lights Self-Examination
James 1:21
To see God's way, we must be changed by His word. Sermon LK
27 Dec 1997 Finishing the Mystery of God Character Perfection
Revelation 10:6-7
God will perfect our characters. Sermon LK
26 Dec 1998 Christ Our Righteousness Righteousness by Faith
Zechariah 3:1-5
Christ imparts real righteousness. Sermon LK
19 Dec 1998 Christ Our Wisdom Righteousness by Faith
1 Cor 1:30
The world's wisdom must be replaced by God's. Sermon LK
18 Sept 1999 The Cartoon-Makers Worldviews
Psalm 115
We've been cartoonized but Jesus makes us real again. Sermon LK
15 Sept 1999 Are We Born Saved or Lost? Salvation Ruined or repaired: a better motif. Paper LK Graphics
26 Feb 1998 Exegesis of Philippians 2:5-11 Nature of Christ
Philippians 2:5-11
Short exegesis. Paper. LK
4 Sept 1999 No Other Name Jesus
Philippians 2:9
Victory over sin comes only through Jesus Christ. Sermon LK
3 Sept 1999 Behold I Set Before Thee an Open Door The Future
Rev. 3:8
God gives freedom. Sermon LK
28 Aug 1999 The Transfiguration Christian Experience
Mt. 17:1-3
Call to a higher experience. Sermon LK
21 Aug 1999 Crazy Man on a Dry Hill Core Adventism
Genesis 6:9
The great controversy and the last generation. Sermon LK
7 Aug 1999 The Unlikliest Hero Great Controversy
Obadiah 21
Astonishing role of Christians in the great controversy. Sermon
July 1999 What Does the Christian Message Mean? Paper Walter Booth
May 1999 Where is God Now? Theodicy Bible-Study LK
May 1999 Mission as Action in Hope: A Seventh-day Adventist Perspective Delaying the Second Coming Paper LK
12 May 1999 Ultimate Journey Number Three Nature of Christ
Philippians 2:5-11
How far did Jesu humble Himself in order to change your life? Sermon LK
1998-1999 ONLINE BOOK: Jesus, Where Are You? Delaying the Second Coming The beginnings of a book on the topic, but incomplete. Book LK
24 Apr 1999 Can A Human-Being Become Righteous? Righteousness by Faith
Ezekiel 14
The title says it all. Sermon LK
Dec 1998 A Tale of Two Kings Jesus The contrasts couldn't be greater. Sermon Dan Anderson
6 June 1998 Are You Elijah? Core Adventism
Malachi 4:4-6
My all-time favorite message
1999 So Close and Yet So Far: Character Perfection Comparison of John Wesley and Ellen G. White on Perfection. Paper LK
28 Nov 1998 Incredible Disaster, Incredible Victory Sermon LK
18 Oct 1998 The Uncommon Denominator Sermon LK
28 Aug 1998 Who Shall Stand With the Lamb? Character perfection
Revelation 14:4
Sermon LK
Is Jesus Really Coming Soon? Delaying the Second Coming Are God's people presently delaying the second coming? Sermon Dennis Priebe
Sept 1997 SDA Youth, Understanding Standards, and the Great Controversy Standards They matter, especially in relation to our youth. Paper LK
1997 Basics For Understanding Bible Prophecy Prophecy Paper LK
The Advent Movement
1973, 1974 1973,1974 General Conference Annual Councils Delaying Second Coming When we remembered what we are about! Appeal General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
1997 The Atheist Button Atheism Paper LK
1997 The Holy Spirit Holy Spirit Paper LK

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