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Doug Batchelor on Music

The following words ere transcribed from Pastor Doug Batchelor's 9 November 1999 NetNY99 broadcast. We thought that you would find them encouraging...

"And that's what's going on [like people cutting themselves in frenzied Baal worship] in the world today, and alot of it is connected with demonic activity--the rock sub-culture. Well, I'd better stop right there. [Audience: "Go on," "go ahead," "don't stop..."] No. No. I'll do it. Just later!...

...Now Question #10: What type of music will a true Christian enjoy? Psalm 40:23: "He hath put a new song in my mouth, even priase unto our God." And 1 Samuel 16:23: "And it came to pass, when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, that David took an harp, and played with his hand: so Saul was refreshed, and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him."

Well, does the Bible teach that the right kind of music can dispel evil spirits? Would it stand to reason that the wrong kind of music would maybe invite them?

You know, for our friends who are watching across the world, we are up here on the seventh floor in the Manhattan Center; seventh-heaven up here. There's another auditorium below us--matter of fact, the ceiling of that auditorium is directly below the stage. And as I speak there's a rock concert raging down there. How many of you in the audience can hear the drums? Yeah, turn the camera around. Hold your hands up there. [unanimous show of hands] You don't hear it on the microphone, but we hear drums downstairs. And you ought to know...

Well, get an audience shot Lannie, I'm gonna' ask another question, alright? How many of you agree that there's some music that is wrong and diabolical--Christians shouldn't listen to? Hold up your hands! [almost all hands go up] Virtually everyone agrees with that. Now, you know where we disagree? Where do you draw the line?

You ask the people that live in the south, they say 'rock music, them hippies on drugs? That's music's awful. Country music's from the Lord.' Right?

Country music--you ever listen to that? 'I'm sittin' here in the bar gettin' drunk, cause' she done me wrong. Left me with all the kids, and the cat's pregnant, and..' Depressing, right?

I've discovered that everybody thinks that God likes the music that they like. Nobody want's to draw the line in the same place. And do you know, its--

I'll admit friends, there's music I like that I know the Lord does not approve of. I'll admit it. And I do not trust myself listening to that that music. There's many times I've had to throw things out because I saw what music did to me, or had to change the station on the radio. I'd go to the supermarket--you know, they're playing those old songs on the P.A. int he supermarket. I'd come out and get in the car with Karen and 'Yesterday, love was such an ea--' 'What are you doing?!' 'Oh, He's able, He's able, I know He's--' Cause the only way to get that bad song out of your head, is to overcome evil with good. You've gotta' start singing a good song!

But I'm just like you, you know. I'm attracted carnally to some of this music that I know is not good. You see what it does to you. And alot of the music of the world is very sexually suggestive; it's got this heavy, syncopated beat.

And you know, I've seen it here even in New York city. We've got this problem in Sacramento. These kids drive down the street. And the car barely runs, but they've got an amplifier in that car that is sufficient to drive a Led Zeppelin concert in a football arena, right? And they're going down the street, and you feel sorry, because you know they're gonna' be deaf in two years. And they're driving down the street, and you hear boom paka boom paka boom. And you hear them coming up the street. The car alarms are going off as they drive by--those motion-detector ones. Store windows are going in and out.

I've had them pull up next to me, and I'm in my little Subaru. And they're in their car--boom paka boom paka boom. And I figure, you know, I can witness too. The Bible says if they can be a fool, I can be a fool for Christ. And so I listen to tapes of different preachers, and Bible tapes. Any of you ever hear C. D. Brooks preach? He kind of shouts the gospel. So I'll pop in a C. D. Brooks tape, and I'll roll down the windows and pop the sun roof up, and C. D. Brooks will go, 'John the Baptist said REPENT!' And you'll see that guy over there, he's checking his E. Q. on his amplifier. I figure if they can offend me, I can get even with them right?

So Christians ought to be careful what they listen to, right? Because music has an effect on your spirit. God's music can enoble and elevate you, and the world's music can bring out the baser passions--it can be depressing--it puts you in a melancholy state. And you know you might need to exercise some self-control. Some of you might need to go home and throw away some of those tapes and CD's that are dragging you down. Do something practical.

....Friends, the party's over. Jesus is coming soon. We need to realize that we are living in the sight of a holy God and we'll give an account to God for the lives that we lived. God is calling us to live like John the Baptist and like Elijah, to do the work they did and to live the lives they lived. And to be a holy people. And its possible for you and I to do that!

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